The third annual Future Classic Car Show will kick off Arizona Collector Car Week on Monday, January 15 2018.

Following the success of the 2017 event held at Scottsdale Quarter, the show will return to the rooftop location at one of the upscale shopping district’s parking garages.

To meet demand for space, the 2018 event will spill over from the rooftop to also include the fifth floor of the parking structure. More than 150 cars are expected to be on display, with multiple vendors and over 2,000 guests expected.

The Future Classics show has become a unique addition to the annual flurry of automotive activity taking place throughout Scottsdale and Phoenix each January. What makes this show different is its core mission — To actively bridge the gap between members of the sometimes-exclusive collector car world and younger automotive enthusiasts, the collectors and enthusiasts of the future.

In 2017, future proofing the collector car hobby and industry is a topic of conversation in board rooms and parking lots alike. As the demographic traditionally involved in the collector car hobby begins to “age out,” how to best engage the next generation of classic and collector car buyers, sellers and enthusiasts is both a concern and a challenge.

In 2015, the team at already was discussing the issue. From the conversation the idea for a car show that celebrated both the classics and enthusiasts of the future was born.

Last year, Ford Performance joined the event as a supporter of the mission. “All of the cars that are now viewed as ‘classic’ were all just cars at one point.” said John Clor from Ford Performance. “At Ford, we want to give the joy, the freedom, and that awesome driving experience to everyone.”

Accessibility is a key component of the Future Classic Car Show experience, for the car owners and event attendees. Post-1975 vehicles and their owners are treated with respect at a spectacular urban-show location, and there is concours-level judging, and an open field of show cars encouraging all to get involved.

“The cars that show up to Future Classic Car Show events are truly outstanding examples of the passion for the automobile.” said Roger Falcione, chief executive of “We are greatly encouraged by the enthusiasm that the car owners and the attendees have for these vehicles.