Tucson-based shop sponsors 5th annual Future Collector Car Show

Located in Tucson Arizona, Crown Concepts boasts a 21,000-square-foot facility housing a variety of services and vehicles, making it a one-stop shop for almost any kind of automotive enthusiast. Its team welcomes vehicles from classic to muscle to exotic to be consigned, maintained or even customized and thus aligns directly with the Future Collector Car Show in celebrating collectors and enthusiasts of all automotive interests and ages.

“We’re not genre-specific to something, we love all cars,” said Curtis Brown, Crown Concepts vice president of engineering and development. “What’s neat about the talented team assembled here is that everyone has a unique passion for themselves and we try to foster all of that.”

“We’re also trying to make sure that the next-generation car enthusiasts of all ages, including kids, enjoy it as well.”

Crown Concepts will be a sponsor of the Future Collector Car Show that kicks off Arizona Auction Week 2020.

“Partnering with Crown Concepts for the 5th annual Future Collector Car Show really brings to life what we’re trying to do here,” ClassicCars.com CEO Roger Falcione stated, “Our passion and goal to inspire the next generation of car lovers aligns perfectly with Crown Concepts. We are very excited about this partnership.”

The founders of Crown Concepts have extensive engineering backgrounds in various fields, and you can see it in the structure of their facility as well as in their business model. Almost set up like a manufacturing facility, each space is used strategically to maximize work flow.

A showroom full of a variety of vehicles in inventory appears spotless and beautifully decorated and transitions seamlessly into the working area with its vehicle lifts.

In the work area, doorways open to a fabrication room and to a powder-coating room and “dirty” room where sandblasting and cleaning are done.

Move along and there is additional space with lifts for simple maintenance or messier jobs can be done.

Near the fabrication area are a four-axis CNC machine, lathe and various other metal-working equipment.

At the end of the shop portion is an all-wheel-drive Mustang Dyno fitted into a custom-built room with customized cooling and a convenient window connecting to the showroom.

The overall flow of the facility is designed to accommodate not only clients but employees. Curtis noted that part of the business model was making sure that employees are comfortable and have the right tools.

“At Crown we are happy and love what we do in bringing the car community to Tucson and the Southwest,” Brown said. “We want to provide a place that car enthusiasts of all levels and types can call home.”

In addition to sponsoring the Future Collectors Car Show, Crown Concepts has consigned several vehicles to the nearby Barrett-Jackson auction, including a 2007 Ford Shelby GT350 driven less than 40 miles.

For more information, visit the Crown Concepts website.