Rick Warner purchased this 1996 Toyota Chaser Tourer V at auction in Japan in early April 2021 and had it legally imported into the U.S. in early January 2022. The car was originally a bone stock automatic car, but its transmission was soon professionally swapped out for a JZX110 R154 manual before it left Japan. During the waiting period, the owner bought as many custom components for the car as he could, since many parts must be sourced from outside of the United States. Since the car’s arrival in the U.S., Warner has turned it into what he feels is a clean big-body sedan that can be drifted at the track, as well as driven and enjoyed on the street.

As it sits, the Chaser features a custom exhaust with an Odyssey Fab downpipe and a Blitz intercooler and piping. The engine has an APEXi power FC stand-alone ECU brought to peak performance by ES Tuned and is kept cool thanks to a Koyo N-FLO dual-pass radiator. The car’s suspension consists of Stance coilovers with 24k/16k Swift springs, KFD street version knuckles and tie rods. It rolls on 18-inch SSR Agle Minerva wheels that measure 9.5-inches wide up front and 10.5-inches wide at the rear.

The exterior of the Chaser features a Car Modify Wonder front bumper and side skirts with an OEM optional rear lip, Street Spirit eyelids, Aero Twenty Three replica Ganador mirrors and a shaved trunk. Inside is a Nardi steering wheel, a SerialNine shift knob and a Buddy Club driver’s seat on a BRIDE rail.

See this car and more on the Polo Field at WestWorld of Scottsdale during the Future Collector Car Show, held January 22, as part of the Barrett-Jackson 2023 Scottsdale Auction. Follow along on Instagram at @FutureCollectorCarShow.